We’re on the phone!

November 15, 2006

It turns out people don’t always choose where to get dinner while they’re sitting in front of their computer. Let’s say you find yourself at a dead stop in traffic on the 520, tired and hungry and eager to let someone else cook. Now Urbanspoon can help.

This is particularly true if you happen to have a Blackberry. Thanks to Phil Bogle we’re now integrated with his Berry411 application. Search for a restaurant and you’ll get Urbanspoon reviews, links and popularity right from the results. If you have a Blackberry and you haven’t heard of Berry411 you’re in for a treat. It’s free, faster than calling 411, and can answer pretty much any question you have to ask.

If you don’t have a Blackberry but your phone has a web browser, just go to http://www.urbanspoon.com. We have a version of the site that works well on the phone.

For the technically inclined, we’ve built a simple REST api that makes it easy to integrate from additional platforms. Anyone interested in putting a J2ME face on Urbanspoon? How about text messaging? Step right up…

One Response to “We’re on the phone!”

  1. Michael Says:

    How does one access this REST api?

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