Sitka & Spruce

December 15, 2006

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Sitka & Spruce is a little oasis tucked improbably in an ugly mini-mall in Eastlake. Step inside and immediately you’re transported to a cozy, classy, tiny but comfortable cafe complete with a chalkboard menu and wine cork bar.

I live just a few blocks away so it’s ridiculous that it’s taken me so long to try it, but at long last I had lunch there with my friend Thomas (of cuisineazine) the other day. The food was delicious, but like the setting, very small. Normally I love “small plates” and “tasting menus”. When I’m famished, however, and the food is really good (and it was!), I hate to leave the table hungry. But that’s my only complaint.

Actually, this post is just an excuse to try my hand at food photography. I’ve seen mouth-watering pictures on so many food blogs I had to try it myself. It felt a little awkward dragging the camera out before we could eat, fiddling with the white balance and trying different angles while the food got colder, and lighting is a bit tricky, but I’m hooked. It was actually kind of nice taking a moment to admire the chef’s handiwork before digging in. In any case, here’s my freshman effort.

Thomas had the quail ragout over a tagliatelle. Tasty.

Quail Tagliatelle

I had the black cod and beets. I love beets. I love black cod. Yum.

Black Cod and Beets

One Response to “Sitka & Spruce”

  1. L Says:

    I recommend S&S for lunch… same amazing quality of food, slightly less expensive, and still fun to do the lots of small plates thing.

    Nice shots… getting good photos in a restaurant is always tricky. S&S is nice light with a good amount of diffused natural light, but it still can be tricky.


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