Quiz Night

February 10, 2007

I’m usually not much of a bar guy, but I’m a total sucker for a trivia contest. Last week a group of us went to the Kangaroo and Kiwi Pub for the trivia, and lost. That colors my opinion of the place. A perfect trivia contest has a nice blend of categories: current events, history, sports, literature, geography, science, movies and pop culture, etc. Bad trivia is when the questions are too concentrated on one topic, or just too trivial. By this standard, the K & K gets a C.

Anyway, I was going to write a nice post about how hard it is to find quiz nights, since as of last Wednesday there was no good resource for finding them. But all that has changed. The Seattle Times scooped my post, and solved the problem. It would still be great if someone would actually rate the best and the worst quiz nights, but at least now you can see when and where to find them.

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