February 23, 2007

Gaud� on UrbanspoonLast week my friend John introduced me to Gaudí, a new Spanish restaurant in town that’s just opened in Bryant. Definitely worth a visit!

The restaurant is run by Jo and Joan Luna, veteran restauranteurs from Barcelona (so “Joan” is pronounced “zho-AHN” like Joan Miro, not Joan Rivers). They moved to Seattle a few years ago and have decided to recreate their homey little cafe here for us. They’ve only been up and running for a few weeks. The service was very friendly but the pacing was a little off, and it looks like they’re still moving in. Those little nitpicks aside, it’s clear they made sure everything was working right in the kitchen (where it counts) before opening.

We started with tapas. First up were garlic shrimp and Spanish tortilla. The shrimp were merely good, but the tortilla was amazing. Spanish tortilla has absolutely nothing in common with Doritos. It’s basically a glorious potato omelette, served in this case with red peppers and greens and a delicious aioli. Incidentally, Joan claims that the aioli (ai = garlic, oli = olive oil) actually originated in Catalunya. From what I tasted, that sounds credible to me!


Next came some skewered chorizo. Oh ho good. I’m not usually into sausage, but this stuff would make a believer out of committed vegan. Rich, spicy, slightly crispy but tender. We ordered a second helping. Then a plate of white anchovies – excellent.


For the main course we had ling cod with a romesco sauce (indisputably Catalunyan) and the wild boar. The cod was the one disappointment of the meal. It tasted a little undercooked, and set next to all of these other strong and wonderful flavors it was too mild to hold its own. The romesco was good, but served cold it was robbed of some of its flavor.


The wild boar, however, was splendid. It was sort of like a boar pot roast, served in a little miniature cast iron casserole, and by the time we were done we’d scraped the metal clean.

Wild boar

We could have stopped at this point, but the desserts looked tempting, so we ended the meal with a crema catalana and carajillos – rum-spiked coffee. All in all, an excellent and much enjoyed meal.

Joan with Paella

Joan with paella (we’ll have to try it next time)

2 Responses to “Gaudí”

  1. DennisG Says:

    Spanish? My friend, Gaudi the architect was a Catalan from Catalonia where Barcelona is.

    So is Gaudi Catalonian or Castillian?

    (yes, I’m a smartass)

  2. molly Says:

    to be spanish and to be castillano or catalan are 2 different things. it’s like a person being from washington and also considering themself amwerican.

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