And the Winners Are…

April 18, 2007

We (finally) had a chance to review all the entries in the 25 Spoons Contest. For those who weren’t watching, oh boy did you miss out. It was high drama – a tight race, accelerating at the end to a photo finish.

I’m proud to present our winners:

  • Grand Prize: $200 for a dinner for two goes to Kerana who devoured 10 qualifying meals to take top honors.
  • Runner Up: $100 for lunch for two goes to Muffintop1029 who at 9 meals was just a few bites off the lead.
  • Critic’s Choice: goes to Sig at Live to Eat for her post on Nishino. We promised a prize of no monetary value, and we will deliver. Sig will get the VERY FIRST Urbanspoon t-shirt ever. The first one, top of the stack. Now that’s priceless.

On a more practical note, the numerous comments people left paint a pretty useful picture of which 25 for 25 specials are worth going to and which are best skipped. I think we’ll have to revisit this in October to better prepare for the November edition of 25 for 25.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! This was our first contest and a bit of an experiment. We hope to bring many more.


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