Ahem, where was I?

May 31, 2007

Ok, ok, it’s been awhile since my last post. Mea culpa, I’m sorry.

The good news is that while the blog has been dead in the water, Urbanspoon itself has been moving ahead full steam. Long-time users may have noticed some design changes – perhaps you saw that the page is now wider (960 pixels!), or that the colors are a little different (we still love orange and blue, but variety is the spice of life).

More significantly, we’ve brought out a couple of really cool features that have been brewing for awhile.

  • New Restaurants. Ever yearned to keep tabs on the latest restaurants in town? Your yearning days are over. For example, here we have a SpoonFeed of the latest restaurants in Seattle. For those with a narrower focus, you can just watch for new spots in your neighborhood, or just for new Sushi joints in town.
  • Blog posts. We love food blogs, and we’ve been showing relevant blog posts on restaurant pages for some time now. But now we’ve taken those and rolled them up to the home page. Actually there’s a SpoonFeed for blog posts, so you can see which restaurants everyone is blogging about.
  • Buzz. For every neighborhood and every type of food we show a neat little graph of which restaurants have been getting the most votes on Urbanspoon. So look in the right column on this page for Queen Anne, where Opal appears to be cleaning up.
  • Convenient Top 10 lists. We’ve tried to boil out the top 10 restaurants for whatever you’re looking for. Say you want to find the best Italian restaurants in Greenwich Village — look no further.

Anyway, I offer this up as my excuse for not writing more frequently. I hope you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive and keep reading!


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