Good company

June 12, 2007

I really hate eating out alone. I’ll happily make a meal for one at home, but there’s something deeply disquieting about sitting alone in a restaurant. It turns out the food, ambiance and service are only half the equation. Dining solo sucks.

The word “companion” comes from the Latin “con” (with) + “panis” (bread). In other words, your companions are the people with whom you break bread. Which means you would be well advised to know what those friends like to eat.

If you’ve ever wondered which of your friends had good taste and which were, well, gastronomically challenged… you’re in luck. We now have a page that shows you the collective dining wisdom of your circle of friends.

We pull together the restaurant opinions of all the people you care about in one handy list — restaurants they like, dislike, want to try, or have written about.

Let’s say I want to see my friends’ favorite Italian restaurants in Belltown. Or perhaps I’m heading to New York and I’m looking for a place I should try while I’m visiting. Or maybe I’m meeting friends and I want to find a restaurant we’ve all been meaning to try. It’s kind of hypnotic when you start playing with the list.

Oh, and now I know I’m not the only one who has yet to try Tilth. Which is great, because I’d hate to have to go there alone.


One Response to “Good company”

  1. LauraMac Says:

    I think you might be missing something by not exploring the solo dining experience. I’m not saying it’s what I prefer, but just like there are times when I crave sushi and times when I want Ethiopian, there are times when it’s blissful to sit at the bar at Crush, flirt with strangers, eat good food and not worry about anyone but yourself. Yup.

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